I am a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in working with individuals with a history of trauma and in providing advice, training and support to the systems that surround them. I currently work as an Associate for Aspire Psychological Services and for the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist and as the Trusts Trauma Informed Care Lead for Learning disabilities. Alongside my NHS experience I have also had experience working into residential schools and in completing and publishing research into child development.

I am passionate about making therapeutic connections accessible to all and specialise in providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to clients of all ages, many of whom find it hard to connect therapeutically through words. This approach to therapy allows them to connect and explore their inner worlds in a way that is less threatening and intense and more meaningful to them. It provides opportunities to safely unlock challenging thoughts and feelings whilst at the same time being able to regulate and manage automatic defence mechanisms.

I also provide valuable learning experiences through Equine Assisted Learning to Teams and organisations in relation to team culture, relationships, wellbeing and personal development.

I have completed training in a number of different models including CBT, DBT, Flash Technique (part of EMDR) and am trained to level 2 in DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) and am a certified EAGALA practitioner.