I am a clinical psychologist with experience of working with young people and adults with a range of mental health difficulties and neurodevelopmental disorders, across the life span.  I work full time into the NHS and have done for the last seven years.  I have worked in the private sector for just over a year.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology at Durham University.  Following this I worked as an assistant psychologist for a several years before completing my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Teesside.  Prior to completing my psychology degrees, I worked in schools as a learning support and higher level teaching assistant.  I am still very passionate about increasing mental health awareness in education settings, reducing stigma, and promoting psychological wellbeing in children and young people and their families.

Since qualifying I have chosen to specialise in working with young people and families/care teams.  Over the past few years I have specialised further in assessing and working with people with neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorder.  I enjoy working with adolescents, people with learning disabilities, people presenting with behaviour which is deemed challenging, and people with a neurodevelopmental disorder and comorbid mental health difficulties.

I draw upon a range of psychological models and theories in my NHS and private sector practice including attachment theory, behavioural models/positive behaviour support, cognitive behavioural frameworks and systemic working.