NICE Guidelines

NICE Guidelines on supporting children with attachment difficulties (2015) - highlighting the necessity of the following (alongside a range of other recommendations) in order to maximise the emotional, social and behavioural well-being of children and young people on the edge of and in care:

  • Attachment Training
  • Access to group and individual therapy for all children and young people

Aspire Psychological Services can support your organisation to meet NICE Guidelines, best practice for children with attachment difficulties. Contact us for more details.

Through working in partnership with your organisation, the aim is to provide psychological services which will help to:

  • Improve positive outcomes for the children, young people and their families
  • Promote placement stability and longevity
  • Meet requirements of NICE guidelines, Ofsted and guidance detailed in the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes
  • Achieve a consistent shared understanding of the complex┬áneeds of the young people which informs care planning and aids recovery
  • Opportunity for preventative, early assessment, care planning and intervention
  • Support staff teams and foster carers in their roles to develop their confidence, knowledge and skill base
  • Add value to the services and evidence good practice to Ofsted and regulatory bodies